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Want to be a member of the Indiana Ground Water Association?

IGWA Members….contact the office at or call 888-443-7330 for an electronic copy of our membership list. Available to members only.


These services and benefits are only available to current IGWA members and are subject to change

**New**  Members Only Section of the website – Only members have access to this page. It has information on county listings, DNR quick links, DOT information,  and other useful information. This page is ever evolving depending on YOUR needs.


**New**  Members Only Events – These events are open to members only. Most events are free and some with a nominal cost. 


Statewide Industry Representation – The IGWA is made up of ground water professionals located throughout Indiana representing the interests of the industry with statewide concerns, local concerns and public relations.


National Representation – IGWA is an Affiliate state member of the National Ground Water Association. NGWA represents the interests of affiliate states throughout the U.S. through lobbying efforts in Washington, D.C. Delegates from Indiana attend the annual NGWA National Convention & Expo.


Networking Opportunities – IGWA encourages interaction with people in the ground water industry through seminars, conventions and drilling demonstrations and social events.


Information, Education and Updates – IGWA provides yearly opportunities for education through annual seminars, updates on rules and regulations, drilling expos, conventions and trade shows.


Lobbying Efforts – IGWA provides opportunities for its members to express their views and concerns on issues affecting their industry by contacting state and/or national representatives courtesy of the Association. When issues arise that will affect the industry, the association represents and speaks out on behalf of the drillers in the state of Indiana.


Newsletters – Our newsletter’s key objective is to keep members informed about current issues in the ground water industry and invite them to share information, experiences and educational opportunities with their colleagues. Members recieve a hard copy of the newsletter in the mail. 


Membership Listing – A complete listing of members (email addresses not included) available in excel format for IGWA members. Available to contractors, suppliers and manufacturers.


IGWA Website – The most current and up-to-date information.


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